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** this is an old version ** please use the version within Garden Planner (turn it on via the Help menu)


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The current version of gp3d is version 0.23 last updated November 2017

** this is an old version **

please use the version within Garden Planner (turn it on via the Help menu)

This tool will translate the 2d Garden Planner plan into a 3d world.

This is an early beta preview version, so not everything works yet, but it's still fun to play around with.

For testing and development this is a separate tool to Garden Planner, however the final version will be integrated into Garden Planner.

This update fixes a bunch of bugs. If previously you tried to open a plan and the plan just got stuck in the loading stage it should now work.

This latest update includes: the ability to select some objects and change their height and in some cases style (eg: the wall texture for a building). Most objects can be seleted and you can change the elevation. However none of this is saved, so its just for playing around with.

Currently in this version:

most items in the categories Trees, fruit Trees, ground cover, paving, pools and walls and garden furniture

a majority of items in the categories flowers, shrubs and buildings,

only a few items from other categories

heights set in Garden Planner for walls/fences and some buildings will be reflected in 3d view

In future updates:

all remaining plants and objects

3d customization - ie: change wall textures and styles, adjust tree shapes and leaf types etc

terrain editing


How to use: in Garden Planner choose to Save a copy of your plan (from the file menu) and choose the option to save to a location on your computer. Save the plan somewhere you will remember (like the desktop) and then open gp3d. Click on the file open button at the bottom of gp3d and browse for your plan.

Your plan will be translated into 3d. However the nature of Garden Planner (and indeed all landscape plans) is that very simple symbols are used to represent plants and trees, so the 3d software has to make the best guess it can about what type of tree or plant should appear in your plan. In future updates there will be options to further customize the 3d version of a tree or plant.

Feedback: please provide some feedback, it really helps.
This is an early beta so expect some things to not quite work or be missing, and I am aware of all plants and objects that haven't been added in yet. However, if you find the software runs slowly, or anything in the plan just looks strange it helps to let me know. Also if you find that the 3d version of a plant or object looks very different to what you thought it should look like then it helps to know that. Finally its also great to get positive feedback - do you find this tool useful? are there changes that could make it easier to use? what features are most important to you?

To provide feedback please email me directly.

thanks David


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