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Garden Planner - Having Trouble with Installing Garden Planner?

I get an Error message that says “An application with that name already exists”:
This is one time error message that may appear if you are updating from an older version of Garden Planner 3. The solution is to uninstall Garden Planner and then re-install. Then everything should work fine.

How to install on Linux:
Garden Planner requires Adobe Air to run on Linux. However the latest version of Air isn't available for Linux. Don't worry, you dont need the latest version. Just visit the adobe download page and scroll down to the download for version 2.6 runtime for linux. Install that then download and install Garden Planner.

How to install on Mac OSX 10.5

How to get Garden Planner to run on OSX10.5
First install the older version of adobe air from here
and then install the garden planner file from here
and that should work on 10.5


How do I uninstall Garden Planner:
On Windows: use “Add/Remove Programs” from your Control Panel and uninstall Garden Planner/
On Mac OS X: just delete the “Garden Planner” file from your Applications directory. Make sure you empty the trash too!



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