How to Create or Import custom Paving styles

Garden Planner has a large range of paving styles available in the paving tool. But it still possible that the exact paving style that you want may not be available. If that is the case then there are two other options.

You can create your own custom paving style using the built in tool or you can import a paving image/texture and use that.

First we will look at use the built in custom paving tool. Scroll down if you are interested in importing your own paving image.

Custom Paving Tool

First select Create Custom Paving from the View menu.

This will show the following Custom Paving window. The paving styles are organized into four groups. Pick the style that matches what you want to create.

For example, we have selected the square style.

You can now set the color, and size of the square pavers. You can also specify the gap color and the gap size. Please note: because of the limitations of display on a screen you may not be able to see a difference between very small gap sizes.

Selecting Mixed colors allows you choose up to four different colors for the pavers. This is useful if you want to create a random paving pattern with different colors. In the example below we have chosen various shades of gray for our pavers.

When you are happy with your design select Next and then Save Style.

Your new style will now be added to the Custom Paving tool and you can draw out areas of paving using this style.


Please Note: at present you can only adjust the gap color from the properties window. The actual paver color is fixed at the color you picked in the design tool.

To delete a paving style right click (or cmd click) and choose Delete from the pop up menu.


Importing a Paving style Texture.

You can import an image and use that as you custom paving style. You may find useful images on the web sites for paving companies. Or you could take a photo of the paving you want to replicate in garden planner.

Please make sure that the image is square and can tile smoothly. That means if you put the image next to a copy of itself it will look like it connects together. If you are searching the internet for this kind of image try putting in "tiling" or "seamless tile".

Here is an example of that sort of image

To import an image choose Import texture into Tools from the file menu.

You will see the following window

Choose the option to use the Custom Paving tool.

Clicking OK will then let you select the image.

You will then see the following window.

Enter a value for the area shown in the image. So for my example image I know that the paving shown represents an area of 6 feet x 6 feet. So I enter 6 feet for the width.

Click OK and it will be added to the custom paving tool.

And you can select the style and draw it into your plan.

It will also show up in the 3d view as shown below.




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