How to Export MyObjects

This tutorial describes how to export your MyObjects collection so you can transfer it to use on another computer running Garden Planner.


Choose MyObjects settings from the Settings menu. You will see the following screen.

Click on the Export MyObjects button.

As explained on screen above Garden Planner will create a folder called MyObjects in the location you select. By default the location will be your computers documents folder. If you are unsure what do just choose Select Folder (Windows) or Open (Mac) and it will create the MyObjects folder in your documents folder.
nb: this is just a copy of your my objects, not the actual folder that Garden Planner uses.

what it looks like on a Mac

What it looks like on Windows

On the next screen you can now click OK . So you should now have a folder called MyObjects sitting in your documents folder (or elsewhere if you picked a different location).

The folder will contain two files, myobjects.xml and myobjects.png. This folder is what you want to transfer to the second computer. So drag the folder to a shared drive or usb or some other location that you can get to from the second computer.

Import MyObjects collection

Now on the second computer open Garden Planner and again choose MyObjects settings from the settings menu. This time choose Import MyObjects.

A window will appear and will allow you to select that MyObjects folder (see below)

what it looks like on a Mac

what it looks like on Windows

Clicking Select will import the MyObjects collection into Garden Planner.

All done! If you want you can delete the MyObjects folder you created. Garden Planner has made a copy of this within Garden Planner.