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Problem: I cant save my plan (I get an error code of 2038) on a Mac running OSX el capitan

Answer: If you are seeing the error code 2028 on Mac and are unable to save or open a plan. And you recently updated your Mac operating system to osx El Capitan then you are experiencing a specific OSX El Capitan bug. It only occurs when you are saving with the expanded save dialog (save window).

the normal save dialog looks like this

the expanded dialog looks like this


If you save with the expanded dialog it will fail to save (sometimes it only fails on the second try at saving).

The easiest solution is to download the latest version of Garden Planner and install it. Version 3.4.3 or higher. The you can save with the normal or expanded save dialog.

Please note with version 3.4.3 Garden Planner will not automatically add in the .gml file extension.

If for some reason you are unable to download the latest version then an alternative solution is to collapse the save dialog to the smaller standard window and then save. In this case it may take trying to save two times before it works successfully. After it has saved successfully it should continue to save without needing to do it two times.


If you are still unable to save please look at changing the location where you are trying to save.






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