Setting Print DPI in Garden Planner

By default when printing with Garden Planner the print quality, that is the DPI : Dots per Inch (also known a pixels per inch) will be determined by your printer.

In most cases this is probably going to give you a good result in the print out.

However there may be times when you want to set the quality through Garden Planner. The most common need for this would be in 'printing to pdf'.

see how to create pdfs' from garden planner for details on how to print to pdf.

When creating a pdf in most cases you can't set the dpi resolution. If you are creating a pdf in Windows the dpi will be set at value about 200dpi.

If you want a higher dpi then that's where setting a custom dpi comes in.

In the Preview window click on the Set Print format / DPI button

It will show the following window:

To set a custom DPI click on the check box and enter a value for the dpi resolution you want. The image below shows a small section of a plan, zoomed in to show the difference a dpi setting makes.

Clearly the higher the number the crisper the image. If you are creating a pdf to send to a print service to print you may wish to use a higher dpi.