How to recover Lost Plans on a Mac

If your computer has crashed or for some other reason you feel you have lost your work in Garden Planner is more than likely you can recover a back up of your plan.


The first thing to try is the recover last plan option in the Help menu.

Simply pick Recover last plan from the Help menu and it should load the last plan your were working on. Garden Planner will do a backup every 10 minutes and so hopefully you wont have lost much work.

But what if the plan you wish to recover isn't the last plan you worked on. It may still be possible. Since version 3.7 garden planner has backed up all plans every 32 minutes with a backup version that is separate to the Recover last plan backup. Getting to these emergency backups it is a little more tricky but may be worth the while if you need to get back some lost work.

Here's the steps to get to the emergency backups

1) First open up garden planner and open any plan from My Plans.

2) Click on the My plans button on the tool bar and now click on the Browse to a plan button

3) In the dialog box that appears click on the tiny up/down arrows next to where it says myplans

4) this will show a list of folders, click on the Local Store folder


5) this will show a different list of folders. Double click on the backup folder.

6) hopefully you will see your plan listed. Select it and click open (maybe cross your fingers for luck)

Hopefully a back up version of some form of your old plan will load and you wont have lost too much work.

At this stage the smart thing to do is to save a new copy of this plan into my plans. Choose save a copy from the File menu and save a copy.







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