How to customize buildings in Garden Planner

Or How do I add a building in Garden Planner and how do I make it look like my house?

The best place to start is the buildings category in the planner. There are a number of basic buildings with four basic roof types: tile, metal, slate or neutral.

In the example below I've used two buildings together to represent the shape of the house.

In the 3d view you can further customise the wall texture and the pitch of the roof.

By selecting the building in 3d view you can then adjust the building wall style.

At present there are about 38 different wall styles. In the 2d view you can change the color and this will be reflected in the final wall style.


Adjusting the root pitch slider adjusts the angle of the roof slope

The image below shows a roof of 0 degrees vs a roof of 60 degrees

Add doors and windows by dragging them onto the plan in 2d view and positioning them at the edge of the building. In 3d view these can be adjusted in style and position.