How to Create Curved Garden Beds

Using the Drawing tools in Garden Planner allows you to quickly draw out lawns, paths, garden beds etc.

Drawing out a garden bed that has straight edges is straight forward. Just select the Garden Beds tool, click on the straight line button, and then click multiple times to create the shape you want.

But what about Curved Beds?

There are drawing options for curved and freehand drawing. But suprisingly the best option in most cases is to still use the straight line tool.

Why? Because the straight line tool gives you the most control over the shape of the curves.

Let's look at an example:

Say you want to create a simple Garden bed like the one below.

The easist way to create this would be to first draw out a rectangular version of the bed. Then select your drawing. The green dots on the side of the bed allow you to curve the edges of the bed. So simply drag the green dot on the right hand side and create the garden bed with one curved side.


OK, what about a more complex with an S curve as shown below.

There are two ways to do this. The first is to draw a rectangle but with two segments on one side. This is achieved by clicking to add a point when you are half way down drawing a side. See below.

What you are doing is creating a side that is made up of two line segments. You can then curve these segments to create an S shape for that side of the bed as shown above.

Alternatively you could draw a normal rectangle. Then right click on the side of the rectangle and choose to add a point here. Thus breaking that side into two segments, which you can then curve, as shown.


For more complex shapes just create more line segments and curve them as needed.