How to make sloped gravel in Garden Planner

The simplest way to create a sloped gravel bed in garden planner is to just use the garden bed tool and choose a gravel style. You will find four gravel styles near the bottom of the list.

If you switch to the 3d view you will see a gravel bed. Click on the sloped tab in the 3d settings for terrain. Set a height value and then select the slope style and direction.

If however you want to use the actual gravel tool not just a gravel texture for a garden bed then there area few more steps.

You will need to create a garden bed, give that a slope and then place the gravel on top of the sloped bed. It will inherit that slope.

First create a garden bed and then in the 3d view select it and set it's height and slope.

Then in the design view add the gravel bed on top of the garden bed.

When you switch to the 3d view the gravel should follow the slope of the garden bed.



Possible issues: if the gravel is larger than the garden bed.

The above situation won't instantly give you the result you would expect. You would expect to have the gravel follow the slope of the green bed and then be flat in the section that is not on the bed.

However this is what will happen in 3d view.

For performance reasons the gravel is kept flat and so looks like it a is a board balanced on the slope rather than following the slope.

But it's easy to fix.

Back in the design view RIGHT click on the gravel near the edge where the lawn ends and choose to "add a point here".
Do this on both sides, as shown below.

Now it should look better in the 3d view.


Alternatively you could just create two gravel shapes in your design and place them next to each other.
In the image below one of the gravels shapes has been made blue just to you can see that it's two different shapes.


And here it is in 3d view.