Setting plans to save to back up services like iCloud in Garden Planner

By default Garden Planner saves your plans on your local computer. It also saves all backups and recovery versions on your local computer.

But what if you want the plans to be saved on a backup service like iCloud? Here's how to set that up.

Choose Advanced Settings from the Settings menu

Select the option to save a copy of plans in your Documents folder.

This means that as well as saving the plan in the MyPlans folder it will also save a separate copy in a folder called GardenPlanner MyPlans Backup in your documents folder.

Then make sure your backup service is set to backup your documents folder: most do this as a default setting.

Now if anything happens to your computer your plans will be backed up in your documents folder and stored in your cloud service.

From version 3.7.18 this back up option is turned on by default and can be turned off via the Advanced settings window.




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